Our 2018 Projects

Orphan Outreach!

Our first orphan outreach was centered on helping these orphaned kids we were meeting experience the love of the father! There was a massive outpour of love on these kids getting them to experience Jesus in the Ancient city of Benin!

Open Meal Day!

UNESCO reports that there over 70million impoverished children in Sub Saharan Africa and well over 46million kids living below poverty. Our goal on our open Meal day was to provide a nutritious meal for these children and their families and seize the opportunity to share Jesus with them. Over 300 kids in the city of Keffi, Nassarawa the Northern part of Nigeria showed up and and heard about Jesus.

Project Save Admission!

Amarachi, was 26 when we met her. She had waited 9 years to get into the university but couldn’t get in because her parents barely made a living from selling vegetables by the roadside. Determined, she worked hard to save enough with the help of big hearts to apply to the prestigious university of Benin. She did get in! But trouble loomed, she had only been able to pay her acceptance fee. Academic session was coming to an end and the university threatened to throw her out. It was at this point God led us to her, we set up a campaign to raise funds to beat her deadline. To the glory of our amazing father we raised more than enough funds to help her pay up school fees. Today, Amarachi is in her second year pursuing a degree in Agriculture in the prestigious university of Benin.

2019 Projects Still to Come

For 2019! Our programs will run quarterly. Meaning we would have 3 projects in a year! We can’t forget the importance of sharing Jesus to our benefactors, this is the gospel we are taken in.

Project Balm In Gilead

This is our hospital visitation program that allows us reach out to children in the hospital. As a people led by the Spirit of God, We’d trust Him on the modus of this project. In January we’ll be having our first project Balm In Gilead. We are taking meals, toys and the gospel of Jesus to these babies in the hospital.

Scholarship Programs

My heart specifically beats for this project. We have 2 kids today on our scholarship program. But you know what I’m trusting God for?! To expand it to 30 kids by the end of the first quarter of 2019! We honestly don’t have so much in our purse but I believe God so strongly that once there is a desire He makes a way. Children need a shot at a better life. We are all answers to a child’s prayer at ChurchOnTheStreet. Imagine that?! I am an answer just like you are fam.

Open Free Meal Days/ Orphan Outreaches

You and I will feed nations people. 2019! Is so blessed already thank you Jesus. The team of Church On The Street in the city of Keffi, Nigeria have fed well over 300 children internally displaced children! Tell me, isn’t that God?!!!!! We will do more by feeding orphans and impoverished children on the streets by the grace of God people. We are a team and a family.

This is our program for 2019! How much do we need?! A lot. But my God is faithful. He started this cause and He’d finish it. I encourage you not to be laid back, if you’ve got little give. If you’ve got friends who’d love to bless please share. God bless Church On The Street.

A Go-fund-me account has been set up to allow friends and donors give across the world by just one click away ( https://www.gofundme.com/z8vass-church-on-the-street ). Help us today! We can do more Together!


Itofa Ivarah